Price Per Bullet Calculator

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The software can also calculate the price of a core based on the core material price per pound and number of grains used in making a bullet, the cost of a bullet jacket based on the material price per pound and grain weight of the jacket, and the total cost of the bullet material as well as the cost of labor to form a single bullet and a box of.

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As one of our product specialists once explained, a bullet will drop just as fast as a pen if you drop it. A bullet is being pulled down to the Earth at 32 feet per.

Of course, in the NFL, every offseason month that goes by means the price tag on a star player goes up, with his only real deadline incentive to sign is the start of live-bullet regular-season. $4M.

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9 thoughts on " Cost per round calculator ". My prices are a little higher here, but I’m still at about $.25 a round with 124 gr. fmj. reply. bullwrinkle. February 19, 2013 at 10:24 pm I just ran the numbers for the current inflated prices I’ve just paid for .223 55gr FMJ bullets.

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